How to Determine Whether Your Kids Should Have Their Own Yoga Mats to Practice On or Not

We have been talking with many different parents that are regular practitioners of yoga, and they always ask. Should our children have their own 'kids yoga mat'? The answer from us is a resounding, yes! We couldn't see a reason why your own little yogi shouldn't have their own mat and more yoga equipment. We are big believers that yoga is a form of mind, body, and soul therapy that makes life easier in many aspects. So when it comes to getting new people, even children into this daily practice, we are all for it.
But when it comes to purchasing the mats, what should you look for? Should it be a mat designed for adults? Should it be thicker? Below we list some of the factors that you need to think about when purchasing your little yogi, their first kids' yoga mat.

Kids yoga mats should emphasise creativity

When it comes to encouraging children in their first years in life, much of it is about joy, creativity, and learning to be themselves. This is why the first step in purchasing their first yoga mat is all about emphasising their creativity. This could be something as simple as buying their first yoga mat in their favourite colour. But, we would suggest going all-in on their creativity and purchasing a mat with different designs and patterns. There are a wide variety of yoga mats out there designed for kids with dinosaurs, flowers, trucks, suns, and other animals. This is the direction we would encourage you to go. Because purchasing a yoga mat for your child that is bright, colourful, and represents their personality will make them more likely to be excited about participating in future yoga practices.

How thick should a child's yoga mat be

Looking at the thickness of the yoga mat all depends on where you and your children will be conducting their practices. A great way to get your children outdoors is to have them practice yoga with you outside (if weather permits). If this is the case, then a thicker yoga mat is the way you want to go. This helps keep a falter and more comfortable surface for your child to practice yoga. However, if they are practicing with you at home or within a private studio, we would recommend a thinner mat. Children are quite durable, and in general, that may find some poses in yoga much more comfortable and more straightforward than yourself (even if you are an experienced practitioner, you may be surprised). So taking these into account, it is essential to understand the differences in mattress thickness and what their uses can be for.

What should the mat be made out of

If this mat is going to be for your children or for any other kids for that matter, you should only choose the best yoga mats, and the more eco-friendly they are, the better. Because children will be the ones most feeling the impact of climate change, we believe it is essential to purchasing eco-friendly mats for your kids. (We, of course, think it is just as necessary to buy eco-friendly mats in general; however, it all depends on your budget). So, in general, we would recommend staying away from kids yoga mats made out of PVC or foam because of their impacts on the environment. Some materials we would recommend purchasing a mat made out of would-be natural tree rubber, all-natural rubber, can also be mixed with jute fiber. Jute fiber is an all-natural fiber made from vegetables. Some yoga mat manufacturers also donate a percentage of the price of the yoga mat to certain environmental foundations. If your budget allows for it, we would even try to hunt for one of these yoga mat providers for your children.

To summarise, purchasing a kids yoga mat is one of the best ways to get your children to begin their lifelong journey in yoga. It not only allows you to get your practice in but also spend some quality time with your kids at the same time. Begin with some more basic poses and lunges and then slowly move your child up to some more experienced poses as they progress. As mentioned above, children are very flexible and durable, and they may surprise you by how quickly they catch on. Selecting the right kids' yoga mat for them is vital to help your child become more enthusiastic about yoga practice. Look at how you will use the yoga mat; will it be inside or outside? What size and dimensions are you looking for? Is your child going to outgrow the yoga mat quickly, or will you purchase one they can have for a while? Finally, look at what type of material the kids' yoga mat will be made out of. We would recommend purchasing a yoga mat that is made out of all-natural rubber. This not only ensures it isn't bad the environment but also doesn't have any toxic substances that can harm your child. So get out there, take your child yoga mat shopping with you and begin your journey into parent and child yoga!