Guide to yoga equipment for beginners

yoga equipment for beginners 

what you need to kick off your yoga journey is quite simple and cheap, Not expensive equipment thats needs for other activities such as Golf, Gym or Tennis as example.

The only thing you really need is a yoga mat and this mat needs to be of good quality so dont go and buy the cheapest yoga mat you can find as there is good quality mats for around 29 to 45 pounds and you dont need to but that expensive brand.

Yoga mat bag

You would also benefit from getting yourself a yoga mat bag to carry your mat in a efficient way.

Yoga water bottle 

You will get thirsty and to drink water is one of the core things to feel good so get that water bottle right away.

Yoga towel

It dosent matter what type of yoga you do or how easy it looks, yoga is and can be quite hard the first time and you will sweat. Get that yoga towel with you to the yoga studio or if you do your yoga in your house or apartment

Yoga rubber bands

get some yoga rubber bands to become stronger and it will help you with your stretching as well.


Overall you don´t need to spend more that 100 pounds on yoga equipment to get started and good luck with your yoga journey and dont give up as it will be hard in the beginning but after a few weeks you will totally nail it.