Some Reasons Why a Thick Yoga Mat Might Be Just What You Need for Your Yoga Routine

3 Benefits of a thick yoga mat

Determining how thick your yoga mat should be can play a crucial role in how you enjoy your yoga practice. Many practitioners enjoy just using regular more thin style of mats, but there has been an adoption towards thicker style of mats in more recent times. But first it is up to you to determine the thickness of your mat.

How thick should your yoga mat be ?

Yoga is a practice designed for both the mind and the body and nothing can take your mind out of a practice faster than a difficult mat. It is very important to your yoga routine to have qualitative yoga products at your disposal. We have all been there, when you are beginning to destress after a long day and you find yourself battling with a mat that just doesn’t match you and your spirit or the practice you are performing. So how thick should your mat be?

Using a yoga mat during yoga practice helps protect and serves as a cushion, particularly when the yoga postures are on the floor. Also when you decide to go outside on those nice calm days to practice yoga within nature a thicker yoga mat can be beneficial. So generally, the thickness of your mat depends on the type of practice you are training. But below are 4 benefits of thicker yoga mat.

Thicker mats provide better joint support

Depending on your age and the number of injuries you have sustained throughout your life ensuring your joints and bones have more support can be important. Using a thicker mat can generally provide more cushioning on the joints and lead to a smoother overall yoga flow. This can be extremely vital when you are ensuring you can stay in a certain mental state of calm.

Less sore legs when sitting

Thicker mats can have a beneficial impact on the ankles and lower legs when needing to sit for long periods of time during your practice. Certain forms of yoga can demand that you conduct a lot of breathing techniques in seated positions for long periods of time. This is when an extra thick yoga mat is ideal, because when your ankles and lower legs begin to get sore from it can be detrimental to your actual practice. It can take you out of your mental state and you can lose focus on your breathing.