Best yoga exercises and stretches for beginners

Five best yoga beginners stretch

It is true that your morning yoga routine is incomplete without the right stretches. If you want to know which are the most essential and important yoga stretches for beginners, then we have just the right poses for you to incorporate it into your daily life.

Also, it is equally essential for you to stretch your full body post-workout to calm your muscles down and lower your heart rate, it also helps a lot in toning your body and helping you slow down the activity and blood rush in your body. That is why we have listed down yoga beginner stretches so you don’t have to skip this important step. So here are the best five stretches and let’s get started.

Best five yoga poses 


Tadasana A.k.a Mountain Pose


Although this pose looks really simple it doesn’t mean that it will be very easy as well. Take an example of Tadasana which is also known as the mountain pose which seems like simple standing but when you bring your body in to do new things and pose it can be very challenging.

It might look quite easy but when you look in the context of yoga you will know that there is much more going on, the heels are rooted down, the leg muscles are engaged, the bones are all stacked together along with the shoulder right above your hips, the shoulder blades are inclining downwards at the back and the head crown is rising up. With all this happening don’t forget to keep breathing when you are standing on your yoga mat.


  Urdhva Hastansana a.k.a Raised Arms Pose


Raised arm pose or simply known as the Urdhva Hastansana is a simple morning stretch which is the best yoga beginner stretch at the same time, it allows you to properly align your body which you have done in the mountain pose. Here you have to inhale while bring your arms up above your head stretching them to fullest.


You have to stay grounded with your heels while your shoulders are moving away from the arms as you are reaching up with your arms. Here you have to keep breathing to stretch your body and relax.


 Uttanasana a.k.a standing forward Bend


It is another simple yoga beginner stretch that is easy and effective at the same time. Not only it brings all the blood flow towards your head but it also helps you improve your flexibility and brings all your body muscles together to work.

For this pose, you have to exhale and bring both your arms together while your legs folding in the forward bend. If you feel some tightness in your hamstrings in the beginning, you can also bend your knees a little so that it is easier for your spine. The key here is to keep your head hand heavy. Once you achieve this pose you can slightly straighten your legs but still keep your head handing. Once done, get back to the original position you have started.





Malasana a.k.a Garland Pose


It is just like a simple squat but a much deeper one. For this pose, you have to move your feet to both ends of your yoga mat. After that bend your knees just the way you do in the squat but go further than you usually do in a squat.


This pose is much easier for the children to do as they are much more flexible but as we grow up we lose the knack. This pose is ideal for those people who have long hours of sitting and release all the tension from your legs.


 Lunge Pose:


It is another pose that involves all your body and helps you release tension from your legs while stretching them. First, you have to straighten your legs after that move one of your feet back under the hip and place your left leg to the very back of the back. While doing this bend your other knee in a deep lunge position. Also, bring the bent knee with your ankle so that you’re that leg is parallel to the floor.


After doing it reach your extended leg to its fullest by keeping it strong and straight. If you feel that it is difficult for you, drop your folded knee on the mat. Breathe a couple of times and get back to the original position by bringing the stretched leg with the folded one. Once you have done it for a couple of minutes, you can repeat the same method with the other leg and breathe while stretching it for a few minutes.  



You can use the yoga roller also if you want to give your muscles some extra love after completing the exercise above.