Top five yoga books in 2020

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Yoga books 2020

Yoga is one of the best ways of exercise which is equally important and effective for your mind and body. That is why when people opt for exercising and living healthy, they usually take hip from yoga so that they can lose weight and tone your body at the same time.

Therefore if you are looking for a good yoga routine, the first thing you need is a good yoga book that guides you through all aspects of yoga and helps you to get the right results at the right time.

Well there are many videos and DVDs already available in the market and you might think that when there is so much information already available in the market why should I need Top five yoga books in 2020? and how effective it is. That is why if you want to understand yoga to its fullest, you should buy a book and understand the science behind it which will help you know yoga in depth.

top five yoga book in 2020

Here is a complete review of Top five yoga books in 2020


We have read and listed down the best yoga books for you to read and understand the yoga to its fullest. Here is a complete list as well as details of each book so that you can pick the right one for you.


1.  Yoga for beginners – Kindle eBook

For those who are starting with their baby steps, they usually look for something really interesting and easy at the same time. That is why we recommend this book which is quite friendly and does have many complications. This book consists of very easy and simple instructions along with 35 essential yoga poses of you to try. It also has full-color pictures and descriptions with nutrition tips and restorative yoga meditations at the same time. With the help of this book, you can always pick your yoga routine and build your own yoga sequence as per your requirements. This is a must-have of Top five yoga books in 2020 especially if you are a beginner.


2. Yoga Journal Presents Restorative Yoga for Life

This book is as much depth details about how restorative yoga works and what are its benefits. Ideal for those who think that yoga is only of one type and has to only do with body toning. If you want to understand how yoga helps in mental relaxation and physical balance with defending poses, this book is just the right option for you. It will also teach you how you can re-energize yourself and release the stress from your body and mind to get the complete and right results.


3.The Heart of Yoga

This book is all about developing your own personal yoga practice and if you want to get deep down in the yoga field, then these books are a must-have. It is written by a world-renowned yogi who has described the essence of yoga with step by step process along with the real sense of yoga at the same time.

This book revolves around the three major components of yoga which are mental, physical, and spiritual elements, and how together they all work and their effectiveness at the same time.


4.   The yoga bible

This book is not only number 1 Best Seller for yoga on Amazon but also one of the most favorite books for yogis all over the world for a reason. The name of this book is pretty interesting which says it is a bible of yoga and if you are interested in yoga, you must keep it. Other than that it has the most comprehensive illustrates guidance’s which consists if step by step process for the beginners to practice yoga. The book also has more than 150 various yogic postures which make it interesting for the readers and quite easy to follow step by step guidelines. This book has content for everyone either they are experts or beginners.

5. Light on Yoga

If you want to learn more about yoga and something other than the poses, this book is just the right answer for you. It not only gives you a complete and deeper philosophy of yoga but also considered as the bible of yoga practice these days or you can say modern yoga. If you are looking for a complete understanding of how yoga works on your body, then this book is just the right pick for you. It comes with complete details of various postures along with many interesting breathing exercises at the same time. If you are looking for complete illustrations then you can get it all together in this book supporting some interesting content and wonderful yoga learning experience at the same time. Get this book among the Top five yoga books in 2020 if you want in-depth details of how yoga works.