Strengthen your legs and core with Yoga

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When it comes to your health and fitness each part of your body is important and you have to take care of it to achieve ideal body goals. While you are focusing on one area, sometimes, the other area is ignored and it doesn’t feel good. That is why when you are considering your body fitness, make sure that you include an exercise regime that caters to all parts of your body.

While you are working on your body, you must try yoga, as it not only focuses on all elements of your body including mind, soul, and body but it also tones and fit every part of your body at the same time. Yoga poses for legs and core can not only help you achieve beautiful model legs but also helps in many other ways that you can think of.

Stretching core yoga

Benefits of yoga pose for legs and core

There are much yoga poses for legs and core, and if you practice them regularly, you can get many benefits altogether. Here are some advantages of yoga for your core and leg.

It strengthens your legs

There is nothing more than a blessing than strengthen legs. You might feel crams and tried legs many times after a good workout, a long run, or sometimes a hectic day at the office. By practicing yoga regularly, you can feel a good strength in your legs which helps you overcome any pain and relives its muscles making them stronger than you remember.

It tones your core

We all hate that bulky tummy, don’t we? The first thing you might notice in any other person or maybe in yourself is your bloated stomach which looks ugly and immediately changes your entire look. Other than looking bad, it also makes you look older, tired as well as lack of self-care. 

While there are plenty of exercises available to tone your core, it is the hardest part to achieve those abs and six-packs. That is why it is yoga is the most essential and recommended exercise to get a toned core.

It improves your flexibility

There are plenty of yoga poses for legs and core which helps you improve your flexibility not only in these areas but also all over your body. It helps you strengthen your muscles and make it elastic that is why you look younger and much more flexible at the same time.

It reduces fat from your legs and core

When you consider health and fitness, body fat is your biggest enemy. It makes you look bulky and overweight. Other than that it is very dangerous for your health-related issues. Therefore, yoga specifically targets body fats especially in your legs and core area and allows you to combat any fat-related issues and slimmer body.

Best yoga poses for legs and core:

Now as you know the benefits of yoga for your core and legs, let’s talk about which exercises are best to overcome these issues. You can get better legs and tucked up core by yoga with these yoga poses for legs and core. Not only this but you can get closer to your ideal weight and figure you have been dreaming for.

·      Cobra

It is a very important yoga pose especially for your core while keeping your legs at rest. It allows the front core muscles to stretch and even ideal for a post-workout stretching session. To do this pose all you have to do is lay straight on your yoga mat while keeping your face down. Now place your both hands along with your chest and lift your head and upper body on the weight of your hands. Hold on this pose for a couple for minutes; make sure that your tummy is all tucked in. get back to laying position before you get up.

·      Backbends:

This yoga poses for legs and core is equally essential for both parts, it not only strengths your legs and core but also stretches it too. To achieve this pose lay down on your yoga mat facing face down. Now hold your both feet with your both hands and lift them away from the mat towards the ceiling. You will feel a good stretch on your core and legs, hold on a couple of minutes, and release.

·      Bridge:

If you want to stretch your hips, legs, and core at the same time, this pose is just for you. It is easy to do and gives you many benefits at the same time. To do this pose you have to lie down on the yoga mat straight, face facing towards the ceiling. Now bring you both feet closer to your hips and lift your hips, core, and chest towards the ceiling. Make sure that your body is up while your both hands are tied together under your hips. Hold this pose for one minute and get back to the original position.

·      Hindu Squats:

If you want to involve your hips while catering your core and legs, try Hindu Squat. Bring both your hands together in a form of Namaste and bend in a squat position putting your weight on your hips and legs. Hold for a few moments and release.