What Is a Yoga Mat Holder and When Should You Think About Getting One?

Posted by Martin Ingemansson on

Yoga mat holder

If you are still a yoga beginner, you may still be navigating some of the accessories that could be needed for your practices. While initially, yoga is touted as a form of body, mind, and soul exercise and nurturing that doesn’t need anything else except your body. Certain things can make it easier for you to begin your yoga journey. The first two things that come to mind are an instructor to guide you in your practice and help you understand the purpose of yoga in your modern life, and the second would be the much-discussed yoga mat. Once you have these first two items ticked off your list, the third item you may begin to look towards is the yoga mat holder. This item is key if you are practicing yoga outside of your home, and you need something to store your yoga mat in on your way to and from your yoga sessions. We will go through if you actually need to invest in a yoga mat holder, but first, we will establish what one is.


What is a yoga mat holder ?

A yoga mat holder can be easily understood from the name, and it is a holder for your yoga mat. However, they can come in different styles. A yoga mat holder can come as a strap, sling, handle, or bag. Depending on your needs will depend on what you will actually need in a yoga mat holder.

Travel with yoga mat

If you are traveling a lot for work and are moving from town to town, then you likely own a yoga travel mat. Of course then the type of yoga mat holder you are looking for will vary. If this is the case, we would recommend that you go for a yoga mat bag. Because it will provide extra protection for your yoga mat, whether it will be stored in your suitcase or transported outside. However, if you are not traveling very often and will only be using your mat to walk to and from your practices, then a sling or a strap may be ideal for your needs. However, if it is raining, you will need to protect your yoga mat from getting wet another way. Finally, if you are not traveling with the mat at all and just conducting your practice at home then maybe you will not need a yoga mat holder at all.


Storage is another factor that you need to keep in mind when looking for a yoga mat holder. Will you be storing your mat in a safe and secure location? If that is the case, a strap or sling might be enough for you to keep your yoga mat protected. However, if you’re the type of yogi to take your yoga mat everywhere with you in case you get the feeling to enjoy a yoga session, no matter where you are, then a yoga mat bag would be the wisest option.


Finally, price is a significant factor that comes into the purchase of your yoga mat holder. If you are a beginner and only looking for something to help you sling your mat over your shoulder than a sling or strap might be enough, as they come in at the lower range of the price spectrum. However, if you are an experienced yogi, maybe you have more than one yoga mat already. You may look towards different types of yoga bags to store your mats in. Other aspects that can impact the price are the materials that the yoga mat holders are made out of. If they are developed from eco-friendly materials than this will also drive the price up.

To conclude, the type of yoga mat holder you need will depend on your own individual needs. So what we suggest is that you get a pen and paper and think about how you practice your yoga. Will you need to store a water bottle and towel when you go to training? If you are training hot yoga or Bikram Yoga, then a yoga towel is necessary 100% of the time, and this will impact if you need a bag, sling or strap. The size of your yoga mat will also play a role in what type of holder you should purchase, so make sure you take the measurements of your yoga mat before making your purchase.

We generally recommend purchasing a yoga mat bag as your primary holder. Using a yoga mat bag keeps your yoga mat enclosed and adds a layer of protection that a strap or sling cannot. In many bags, it also comes with space for you to add a drink bottle, a towel, and a nutritional bar. But if this doesn’t fit your budget or what your needs are, then select the yoga mat holder than you think is right for you. There is no wrong or correct answer in this, and it all comes down to personal preference. So select which is most comfortable for you.