Benefits of Yoga in a healthy and happy lifestyle in 2020

Posted by Martin Ingemansson on

Who on this earth doesn’t want to have a happier and healthier lifestyle

Many of us feel social pressure to achieve things and targets and have a lifestyle straight out of the magazine. As much the professional lives are becoming more stressful, the personals live also require lots of attention, love, and care of our family and friends. That is why we many times feel failing in these expectations and lacking behind the internal happiness.

But what can bring internal happiness and satisfaction to us

There can be many things that can step by step change our thoughts and energy and bring us a happier and healthier lifestyle, and today we will talk about how yoga can help us in achieving the life we look forward to. Yoga is not only easy to follow, but all you need to have an extra thick yoga mat to get started.

Helps in weight loss and improving back pain

Yoga has helped and promoted health and fitness for a very long time, and that is why people across the globe swear by its benefits. Therefore, if you want to lose those extra pounds of your body, you should practice yoga on a regular basis. For that, all you need is an extra thick yoga mat, and you are good to go. You can practice yoga wherever you like, and the best thing about yoga is, it will also improve your back pain and relives it.


Relaxes your body and mind

Are you carrying that extra stress and burden of responsibilities from your life and work? Are you tensed about the financial issues, or you have some deadlines to meet?

Yoga can help you relax your mind as well as body, and experts say it wills rejuvenates your soul at the same time. Therefore, pick that yoga poses and exercises which are suitable for you, and you can relive your tension in no time.

Yoga promotes better breathing

We are an indoor generation, and an increase in pollution leads to many allergies and breathing problems. That is why you want to do breathing exercise; there is no way of doing it than incorporating yoga in your daily lives.

Helps in reducing stress

If you are leading a stressful life or situation, extra thick yoga mat can do wonders for you. If not, it can still be very beneficial. Yoga experts say that practicing yoga can not only relieves and reduces stress but also helps in fighting with it in the future. It is just like a mental exercise that helps you to create a positive aura and provides your energy in fighting with any negative energy as well. That is why people who do yoga on a regular basis tend to be more happy and positive in life than the people who don’t.

Improves better sleep

Who doesn’t want a good night's sleep of good 8 hours? But sleeping is not as easy as it seems. On the other hand, many people find difficulties in getting proper sleep at night.  Yoga improves your overall mental and physical health, including sleep. You can take your extra thick yoga mat and practice some Asana, which will help you in better sleep at night.

Relieves anxiety


Many people have anxiety issues, which can cause much more psychological damages than we think. Other than just taking medications regularly, anxiety patients should practice yoga; it will make them much better and relaxed than they were.


Improves body posture

Either you are working in the corporate sector, student, or a homemaker, our body posture is often affected by not paying attention. That is why we either look bulky or just not in our perfect form. One thing which can do wonders in your body posture is yoga for sure. Yoga not only tones your muscles but also helps your body posture to be straight and makes you look define at the same time.

Boosts health and immunity

One of the best ways of being healthy and happy is to fight away all the diseases naturally with better immunity. Believe it or not, yoga helps you in improving your immunity and fights away any diseases before it happens and also improves your quality of life.

Increases self-control

Usually, when we feel angry or upset, we show it off in front of others, but this is pure without any intension and lack of self-control. If you want to control your emotions and thoughts, and also want to refine them, practice yoga using extra thick yoga mat. It will help you flush out away your negative thoughts and helps you in a better mood.