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 If you have been practicing yoga on and off you may have only picked yourself up a standard yoga mat on the cheaper side of the price range. You may think to yourself why would anyone need anything other than a cheaper yoga mat? Especially if you have been doing consistent yoga practice for some time now and you think that your cheap yoga mat is working fine. Well below we have outlined some factors that would lead to people picking some more expensive yoga mat alternatives.

Cheaper Yoga mats don’t do well in the heat.

Some yoga practices such as Bikram are conducted in extremely warm temperatures and the type of mat you have can impact these types of yoga sessions. Cheaper mats generally don’t do very well in warmer environments, and they can really take away from what would normally be a cleansing of your mind, body and soul. There is nothing worse than being taken out of a session because you cannot stand on your mat properly because it is becoming too difficult. Which leads to the next factor:

Cheaper yoga mats can be slippery 

Cheaper mats are generally made out of PVC which can make them quite slippery when they get quite wet. This can be a serious issue if you don’t have a yoga towel on hand. There is nothing worse than having a yoga mat that becomes extremely slippery under your feet when you are about to lung out into a new pose. It can also lead to injuries within your lower legs, such as feet or ankle injuries. So generally, selecting a cheaper yoga mat will be made from PVC and more slippery, but this also leads into the next factor.

Cheap yoga mats are not good for the environment.

Since nearly all cheap yoga mats are made of PVC, they are challenging to recycle. If you want to be practicing yoga years from now, that is likely going to mean hundreds of mats finishing up in landfills and thousands of dollars wasted if I don’t opt up to a better quality mat soon. Of course this depends on if you would like to be practicing your yoga in a way that can be good for the environment.

In general, it comes down to the budget you have when selecting a yoga mat and what functions you are looking for. If you don’t care about the environment, the slipperiness and their heat resistance than obviously a cheaper yoga mat will be just fine. However, when it comes down to the benefits and the overall value of a yoga mat, a higher ranged yoga mat can have a large impact on your overall value from the yoga practice. We recommend whichever options feels like it brings you the most joy and helps you nourish and cleanse your mind, body and soul.

Find great yoga mats to a good price and enjoy the art of Yoga for your soul and health.

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